Through the support of our corporate, foundation, and individual sponsors, we can continue to achieve our mission of bringing arts and arts education to people of all ages.

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"So shines a good deed in a naughty world."

Thank you to our donors!


Long-time Kentucky Shakespeare board member, Gordon Strauss, founded the Stratford Society in 2007, naming it after Stratford-Upon-Avon – a market town and civil parish in South Warwickshire, England, where William Shakespeare was born.

Membership in the Stratford Society is $1564 ­– the year Shakespeare was born. The generous donations from the Stratford Society enable us to offer free plays in Central Park and support our education programming. We hope you will consider becoming a member of this prestigious group.

Benefits you will receive as a Stratford Society member:

  • Invitations to behind the scenes events such as rehearsals and lectures
  • Special Receptions
  • Unique performance opportunities
  • Travel opportunities to other Shakespeare Festivals in the U.S. and abroad

You may join by donating online at www.kyshakespeare.com or calling us at 574-9900

Stratford Royalty


Christina Lee Brown

Charles and Jennifer Marsh

Mac and Jessica Thompson


Stratford Nobility

Max G. Baumgardner

Paul and Alice Herrington

Thomas Noland, Jr. and Vivian Ruth Sawyer

Drs. Catherine Newton and Gordon Strauss

Dr. Peter and Mrs. Margaret Fife Tanguay

Jim and Marianne Welch



Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Allen

Edith S. Bingham

Kevin and Mera Cossey Corlett

Elizabeth Davis

Casey & Amy Eisenback

David and Lucille Fannin

Stephen C. Gault, in honor of Jenny Marsh

Alan and Joan Gould

Amanda Gregory

Culver and Lourdes Halliday

Lane Hettich

Thaddeus Hoover

Councilman David James

Emily Pagorski

Andy Parker

Rick and Becky Reed

Elizabeth Cherry Siebert

Don Stevens and Libby Marbury

Dr. Peter and Mrs. Margaret Tanguay

Matt and Tina Jo Wallace

Jim and Claire Williams

Kerry Wang



Kentucky Shakespeare, a nonprofit organization, relies on the support of our community to provide FREE Shakespeare and serve students throughout the state. We would like to thank the following individuals for their generous support in the 2015 fiscal year! Kentucky Shakespeare is a 501(c) 3 Non-profit organization. All donations are tax-exempt.


1300 Third Street Neighborhood Association

William F. Burbank

David and Ann Derrick

Janice Donica

Elizabeth Ferrell

Lea H. Fischbach

Drew Fischer

Dr. Alex Gerassimides

Scott and JoAnn Haner

David A. and Betty A. Jones

Bill and Dot O'Brien

Andy Parker

Sam Swope Family Foundation

Betty & Beverly Smith

St. James Court Association

South Fourth Street Association

West Saint Catherine Neighborhood Association

Old Louisville Neighborhood Council

Sam Swope Family Foundation




Jerry Alter

Maureen Bacon

Jason Bailey

Susan Barry

Brian Berger

Grant and Sylvia Bruton

Kevin Burke

Diane Cornwell

Rick Cranna

Priscilla Diamond

George and Marjorie Dufek

Tawana Edwards

Casey and Amy Eisenback

Liz and Larry Fentress

Carl Friesen

Carmen Fullenlove

Tom and Celeste Gerstle

Larry and Ricky Gettleman

Walter and Pat Hagens

John and Kitty Hamilton

Shannon Harris

Frank and Paula Harshaw

Drs. Eron and Jennifer Jaber

Fred and Linda Kapp

Maureen Kingry

Michael Kirkland

Jeff and Susan Coleman Layman

Jennifer McCracken

Darlene Metts

Steve and Pat Miller

Ronald and Theresa Newton

Sally Phennicie

Paula Ratliff

The Robertson Family

Jodi Smiley

Revs. Walter and Diane Snowa

Rose Mary and Lawrence Toebbe

Kristan White

Third Street Neighborhood Association

English Speaking Union Kentucky Branch



Stephen and Sharon Berger

Cecile Blau

Bill Bolte

Meredith Brown

Kathleen Campbell

Judith Champion

Jacob and Susan Ems

Mark Greer

Matt and Joyce St. Clair Hargan

David and Anne Lohr

Nancy Fuller Rogers

Beth Boesche and David Taylor

Jerry and Joanne Wallace

Mr. and Mrs. P. Barry Wise

Richard Wolford



Anonymous (6)

Paul and Kathy Abbott

Thomas Aberli

Garrett and Lane Adams

Cheryl R. Ades

Ron and Svea Allgeier

Timothy and Marthanne Allman

Kara Amundson

Jeffrey L. Ashley and Associates

S.P. Auerbach

John and Henrietta Babb

Timothy and Pamela Baete

Third Street Dive

Gary Barrigar

Dr. Susan Berberich & Mr. Geof Bialas

Amanda Bledsoe

Lee Larson and Ruth Brackenbusch

Jack and Brenda Brammer

Bethany Breetz

Carla Broderick

Lizbeth Campbell

Gilbert D. Cheatham

Rowan and Melanie Claypool

John & Robin Conway

Constance Corey

Jason and Katherine Lacy Crosby

Michael Csernik

John Darr

Art and Pat Davis

Debra Detmer Williams

Patricia G. Dolack

Douglas M. Dowell

Laurie Duesing

Angeline Edwards

Elise Eisenback

Maris Elder

Sherry & Joseph Feldpausch

Connie Fondong

Robert and Sarah Fox

Elizabeth Frey

Made possible through a Fund for the Arts Partnership Grant from Carmen R. Fullenlove

Teresa Lorena Gamble

Made possible through a Fund for the Arts Partnership Grant from Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gettleman

Joe and Joan Gniadek

Amanda Gregory

Barb and Ed Haines

Lynn Ellen Haner

Gail Harrington

Dawn Hershberger

Gary & Sharon Hinkle

Carol Jean Hodges

Deanna Hopper

Thomas and Patrice Huckaby

Amy Jones

Mr. Kenneth L. Karem

Lana Kelly Fitzgerald

Martha Kinman

Rhonda R. Koralia

Margaret Kraus

Anna Kunzler

Cynthia Lampton

Gwyn Lavin

Angela Long

Warren and Carolyn Louderback

Justin and Courtney Matthews

Danny and Anita Maupin

Timothy and Misuzu McAlpine

Lorie McIntyre

Herbert and Barbara Melton

Cantor David Lipp and Rabbi Laura Metzger

Roberta Meyer, DVM

Pamela Middleton

Gerald and Beverly Moore

Carrie Murphy

R.L. and C.R. Neumayer

Jeff Noble

Sharon and Ray Ontko

Lori A. Patrick

Monica Prestigiacomo

Christine Riddle

Tracey Roberts

Alexandra Roma

Robert Rosedale

John Sanders MD and Marilyn M. Sanders MD

Curt and Beth Schuman

Gordon and Carolyn Seiffert

Ruth Simons

Cathy Snell

Robert Steen

Melody and Bruce Sterling

Anita Streeter

Jarren Sullivan

Monalisa Taylor

Dorothy Thompson

Ellen Miller Timmons

Made possible through a Fund for the Arts Partnership Grant from Peggy Tyson

Lisa G. Vuturo

David and Sheila Wallace

Jeremy Wells

Carolyn Whalen

Teresa Winkler

Ellen Yunker